Chiropractic Care

House Calls

Dr. Melinda provides care in the comfort of your home or office….no disruption to your day or schedule…perfect for families, athletes and busy professionals. Appointment times are usually longer than in-office visits, increasing the value and quality of your care. Please inquire for pricing and details.

Techniques Used

Most Chiropractors use one technique for “adjusting”. Dr. Melinda uses various techniques and if needed, is customized to your age and condition to get you better safely and in a timely manner. We use a number of highly-effective adjusting approaches to help improve spinal biomechanics and reduce nervous system interference. These include but are not limited to “hands-on” adjusting, use of drops, and use of handheld adjusting tools like the activator.

What is Chiropractic?

The more understanding you have about chiropractic care, the more confident you’ll be that this care is for you. It’s safe, holistic, and it works. Chiropractic care; simply stated is timeless, reliable and helped millions live pain free and enjoy life…

  • Chiropractic care has been the subject of many scientific studies and proven effective

  • Rather than artificially altering your body’s defenses with drugs, your nervous system is naturally boosted with chiropractic care

  • Regular exercise and tranquil sleep help your body’s ability to rejuvenate and restore, even repairing some of the misalignments from everyday activities

  • Although many believe aspirin is harmless, studies show chiropractic treatment is more than 100 times healthier

  • Chiropractors often utilize different methods to realign the spine, whichever method is used the treatment returns consisted levels of pain relief

  • Newborns and infants can also benefit from chiropractic; we adjust with around the same pressure used to test fruit ripeness!

  • Don’t allow insurance carriers’ profit motives dictate what your body truly desires for ultimate healing and quality of life

Why Chiropractic?

Adult spinal misalignment can disrupt proper healing, nerve flow and lead to underlying disorders; so too can the misalignment of your child’s spine. This interruption in the body’s rhythm can lead to greater disease susceptibility and reduced body function.

For these reasons, an annual spinal checkup should be included annually with well-child physicals. Ailments in children long thought to be merely phases of a child’s life or common aches and pains can now be attributed to spinal misalignment. Additionally, chiropractors have recently been treating asthma, allergies, bed-wetting, colic, hyperactivity, and tonsillitis.

Failure to address a treatable injury or vertebrae misalignment could become a problem for a child’s entire life. Incorporate regular chiropractic examinations into the health care plan of your children.

Can Children benefit from Chiropractic?

An adult spine withstands unimaginable strain from routine daily tasks; twisting, turning, lifting, bending, and many other activities. An active child puts even more stress on his spine.

As children grow and develop their bodies can sustain more stress in a day than many adults would in even a year.

It should be no surprise that a study of adolescents revealed that 30.4% reported past lower back pain and in the previous 12 months 22% reported discomfort.

Inevitably as our children grow and take up more activities, especially sports, injuries often happen. Chiropractic care is the most important treatment for the spine to help heal itself.