Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a highly regarded practice of medicine which utilizes the body as a whole and its normal function to determine the underlying cause for your symptoms.

Functional medicine delves more deeply into what is causing your symptoms.

At Sauvage Wellness Solutions, we develop an understanding why symptoms started in the first place rather than just naming a disease or ailment. We take a deep look at your history, utilize blood testing, special medical tests and thorough look at your health.

Functional Medicine enables us to determine what is behind fibromyalgia, arthritis, thyroid, adrenal and hormonal health, digestive wellness, parasites, hidden autoimmune diseases and infections, blood sugar stability, heart health, nutritional deficiency and more.

As a team, you and I construct a wellness plan that utilizes an active treatment rather than passive. We fully look at stress reduction, lifestyle, sleep patterns, natural supplements, diet, lifestyle, detoxification possibilities and cleanses to optimize your body’s health.

functional medicine

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