Sick of hearing "we can't help you" ?

Do you suffer from pain, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, food allergies, IBS, any other chronic condition or just not feeling your old self? Get personalized healthcare that treats the individual and leads to personal vitality.


Offering in-home chiropractic in the Greater Flathead Valley.

Functional Medicine

Serving clients nationwide with an individualized approach.

Professional Services

Providing comprehensive medical review services and more.

About Dr. Melinda Sauvage, D.C.

Dr. Melinda has been practicing since 2007 and is currently focusing on Functional Medicine.

Because she was so helped by a provider in Functional Medicine, Dr. Melinda decided to pursue a certification in this field and be able to help patients on a deeper level. To help those people who are still seeking answers, who want to be heard and get their lives back.

Her goal is to serve you with continuous support and confidentiality.