Dr. Melinda has been practicing since 2007 and currently focusing on Functional Medicine.

Through her own personal journey, since the 5th grade, Dr. Melinda has dealt with autoimmune issues and this has brought her into the work of Functional Medicine. After the birth of her own daughter, she struggled for over a year to find out what was wrong with her own health after several missed diagnoses with “medical experts.”

Even after the diagnosis of yet another autoimmune issue, she still was struggling with exhaustion, depression, and extra weight, and after eventually working with a Functional Medicine Provider did Dr. Melinda start feeling more of herself.

Because she was so helped by a provider in Functional Medicine, Dr. Melinda decided to pursue a certification in this field and be able to help patients on a deeper level. To help those people who are still seeking answers, who want to be heard and get their lives back.

Dr. Melinda is still a dedicated Chiropractor who still enjoys treating her patients hands-on and provides low-force techniques to those in need. Her chiropractic philosophy is one of managed care. She believes in serving her patients with the utmost care so that they can live happy, healthy, and balanced lives. Whether they are healthy or suffering an injury, she takes pleasure in providing them with a chiropractic solution that fits within their lifestyle needs.

Her goal is to serve you with continuous support and confidentiality.

Dr. Melinda is a native of Eastern Washington, where she grew up on a small farm and she attended undergraduate at Eastern Washington University and graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2006. She lived in Southern California for a decade and returned to Washington after the birth of her daughter and currently lives in Montana. Dr. Melinda enjoys spending time with family, sunshine, art, and traveling.